Gift from John MacEnulty

Words are such simple things, really.
They point,
you look,
you see the meaning.

But some words point to things like sunsets 
that when you look you see the magic,
and understanding
is the understanding
of mystery.

And other words point to God
or love
or compassion,
so when you look you must see into,
not at,
but into.

And when someone uses words 

to point to those mysteries
a beautiful thing happens,
an aura,
the deeper meaning of magic.
The words themselves glow
with inner meaning
beyond the sun going down
and a pink sky,
and love means more than kissing
or desiring
and compassion means more than
feeling sorry for or caring.

The words glow with your inner soul
transformed, transcended into mystery.
The words become a blur.
They have pointed you
and then dissolved.
You are looking into Georgy
and the words flow from her
each dissolving itself
as you follow blindly the love in her eyes,
in her voice.
She is hearing your soul listening
and speaking to you,
dissolving all thought into the beautiful mystery,
each thought leading back into the mystery,
the story coming alive,
vivid, poignant
the dissolving back into the divine love,
the oneness.

She reminds us of our separation 

and takes us back into the mystery.
She reminds us of the carping neighbor
or our own carping selves
and then graciously returns us to God,
to love, to her eyes
reflecting the love of the bewildering mystery.

What is it?
How is it?
Why is it?
Is it?

Yes it is.
Look again into my eyes.
I’m seeing it in you.
Can you see me seeing it in you?

I am only grateful,
filled with love
so my eyes are overflowing.
It looks like tears
but it’s love you see in my eyes.

Georgy laughs,
looks around the love
from the inside,
tells us again what she sees.
We see it.
There’s no end to this.
Only a beginning.
Georgy is talking.

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