Monday, July 12, 2021

George Washington Carver

"I was born in Diamond Grove, Missouri, about the close of the Great Civil War in a little one room shanty in the home of Mr. Moses Carver.  When I was just a mere tot . . . I literally lived in the woods.  I wanted to know every strange stone, flower, insect, bird or beast."
-George Washington Carver-

Far side of The Garden is a special place 
provided by contributions from large corporations.
In Primary Education
we were taught a LOT about 
George Washington Carver.
California was Farmer oriented then
and George Washington Carver was 
I started thinking about this post some time ago,
Today I received a terrific, in-depth article 
On George Washington Carver
So, I'll give you the link and follow the little path home.

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Tom said...

...an American success story.

21 Wits said...

Thanks so much this was quite interesting and the photos are wonderful to see!

magiceye said...


kestrel said...

An agricultural scientist and inventor. I do remember reading about him in my Botanyy class. It is good to see a beautiful garden dedicated to a scientist who has contributed much to society. Thanks for the pictures.

Alexander Strauffon said...

Never heard of said Garden before. Really informative.