Thursday, May 20, 2021

While Waiting . . .

I was excited.
Ready well before time.
 for a special live-stream event to begin. 
I'm learning to sketch.
So, I started to scribble in my notebook.
There she is . . . "waiting" with me.

The event was Brilliant!
One teacher in California.
There was a crowd squished together inside the meeting room
on the lawn outside the building - watching on a jumbo screen.
There was also a media truck
making sure everyone who wanted to attend - would be able.

Our other teacher was in the Galilee, Israel.
Which also means, he was speaking to us from "tomorrow."

I'm in Missouri, USA
So excited, I gathered early - at my desktop -
scribbling while waiting
to join with friends I have not - yet- met . . .
across the world - across time zones.

And, now I share with you.
This entire idea/opportunity/new way we are able to connect -
Amazes me.

love & love,