Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Take Time for YourSelf . . .

Time Just for My Self?
I took a little today.
After attending to scheduled appointments I stopped for "a cuppa"
and claimed a corner to read a little bit. 

Except, i had a hard time keeping quiet
I decided to read:
James Thurber.
What a delight.
His sketches are included
but best of all
at least to me
is the HUMOR.
Yay!!! for some humor.
In case introductions are called for:
James Thurber
You don't have to spend any do-re-mi.
The public library will have his work.
There's LOTS to choose from.
go ahead - give your life a little giggle room.
I highly recommend it.
love & love,


Tom said...

...taking time for yourself is a special gift.

Mascha said...

Time for myself - that's always the best, what can happens!
Never heard about James Thurber, but reminds me about Herluf Bidstrup
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herluf_Bidstrup and other, what we have here.
Greetings from far away

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Hey G! I haven't read any of Thurber in years. It may be time, again, soon. I always enjoyed his humor, too. Many years ago, there was a half-hour sitcom based on Thurber. I remember it being well written and fun to watch. Just like Thurber.

Mary said...

You are so sweet. Good to be here.