Monday, October 21, 2019

Inky Update

I had  a writing coach always reminding me to Not Trash a first draft.
I think of that a lot lately.

This was 15 of 31 ink drawings . . Inktober still in progress . . . Many of my inking chums have already been overwhelmed and moved on . . .
 Some of my chums are professionals . . their work is  

I'm also taking a class in Urban Sketching.
That's why I posted #15.
I used a Bic pen (ink only) - and posted the sketch - 
Then went back - added a little color and my first homework assignment was acceptable.
Hey, for a rookie - this passes - and reminds me of the "No Trashing" rule.
Some of my chums are following prompts
not me
I just draw whatever comes to mind - or presents itself.
I'm trying out all different kinds of inking tools.
Right now i have a preference for Ballpoint and/or Fountain pen
which turned out to be nifty
I am studying with
he has the same preference.


well, I have plenty of stories to share, but right now I'm going to add some music
(no, not my own)
and participate in Tom's Foto Tunes

The Kingston Trio
"Go Tell Rodger"

love & love,


Iris Flavia said...

You make me really want to get to it again. Join Elizabeth´s "T Stands For Tuesday"?

Lydia C. Lee said...

Gorgeous illustration!! And the Kingston Trio! Ha! That brings back memories!

Tom said...

...Georgy, how I wish that I could draw like this, stick figures are about all I can do. The Kingston Trio, what a fabulous flash from the past. Thanks a bunch.

Mascha said...

So cute! I haven't tried to make sketces for two decades... maybe, I should do?

riitta k said...

This country song was unfamiliar to me - thank you for sharing!

riitta k said...

I love country songs and also your drawings <3 Keep on!

Anonymous said...

This is fun, I struggle to have a tree appear a tree....I like how your drawing changed with a bit of colour...