Thursday, February 28, 2019


I Finally had time to check in on myself.
This blog had a LOT of busy visitors attempting to post crazy stuff . . . No, no . . not like my kind of crazy . . stuff about credit cards, deliveries, pretend business weirdness . . . So, I deleted all of them and decided to post who knows what . . . my own kind of silly,

I have an unscheduled day off because it rained ice and it's too slick to walk outside  - 
unless I keep to the grass.

I'm SO Grateful for the time.  Truly, all i want to do is sleep.

The other day it was still light when we got off work.
One of my co-workers looked up when Daylight Savings Time begins.
Everyone grinned at the idea of Light.
I admit, the idea of changing the clock back and forth seems loony to me - 
BUT, leaving winter for a while . . . that would be nice.

lately, walking adventures with my pupster have been on again - off again - 
because winter has been showing out . . . I look forward to the first few people who complain about the hot days . . . giggle.  (making a mental note to see if they are the same cold weather re-markers.) 

Thinking about Adventures
I haven't visited any New Places
Favorite Old Places
in a while

I'm So Ready!

all these photos were saved from a website no longer in existence.
nice to have them around
to remember

love & love