Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Doctor My Eyes . . .

Yes, these are mine - 
from some photo shoot - maybe mid-eighties.

Yesterday - Super Early - I got to visit the newest part of our medical complex
(it's Beautiful!)
Keeping an appointment with the rock star ophthalmologist.
(If you need one - I recommend her, Humeyra Karacal MD,)

Anyway, My eyes - 20-20,
 marvelously the same as two years ago

Jackson Browne
"Doctor My Eyes"
a gift from Warner Music Group
(color me grateful)
It's a beautiful day
time to rake leaves
love & love, 


Tom said...

...what a GREAT tune. I went to a Jackson Brown concert a couple years ago. Nice eyes I might add. Thanks for sharing.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

20-20, awesome, G! You've got gorgeous mesmerizing eyes. I've got cataract surgery in my near future, so says my eye doctor.