Tuesday, October 09, 2018

George Marshall & The American Century

Time for me to learn.
The first part of this documentary I kept stopping and looking things up.
(Oh, the things i do not know.)

Did you realize we have video 
(moving pictures) 
of the First World War?
(if we'd seen - how could we ever do it again?
I can't bare to give you a link . . sorry)

George Marshall was a truly Great Man.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Imagine that.
He was inspired to develop a plan 
to assist nations to rebuild
after the Second World War
Nations that were friends
and those that were enemies during the conflict.

I'm humbled.
He considered himself 
to a higher cause
(my words, I'm simply/truly impressed)

Hope you can read this.
(not my photo)

Just Wanted to Share.
love & love,


Tom said...

...we need people like this today more than ever.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thanks, G. I like to learn. :-)

E. Beth. said...

u always teach me something, thx!!! now i feel i can keep on learning, learning is fun. hope u r great. miss ya. stay awesome cool and great!! ( ;