Monday, July 30, 2018

2nd Best is still working out just fine . . .

I am - at this very moment -
listening to one of my favorite teachers
There's a convention in Texas 
I didn't find a way to be there
Live would have been 1st Best
Present - looking around at smiling faces - 
BUT, Live Stream is working out just fine.
I can see the people
and still have a mighty good seat.
(bet you can actually HEAR my grateful smile)

We went to a close park this morning.  It's cool and rainy.  A bit of relief from the summer heat we've had.  The "laughing birds" were out.  They are guinea hens . . . the sight makes us happy.  My pupster knows to stand still so they aren't frightened.  They will come really close and talk together about us.

My pupster took her last pill this morning.  I believe she's healed.
A mostly ridgeback pup got excited seeing my girl and wanted to play "Hunter and the lion"
Pretending my girl was "the lion" he tried to take her down.
ooof!  she was in a lot of pain - so, off to our 'very best friend' (aka the vet.)
My girl was better already - but was prescribed a week of anti-inflammatory precaution.
We didn't take a walk for three days for 'just in case.'
 Good and Very Good 

Here's a foreign film I can recommend:
This is a trailer with the title track theme song.
Don't panic, you can enjoy the movie with subtitles.
It's worth it.
It's a storytelling of actual events.
A father trained his daughters to wrestle.
This is an odd, unheard of break from their tradition.
this also gave them a future 
The film is
I see online there are plenty of choices, if you decide to view.
either way, if you are listening to the music video
I hope you are dancing.
at least in your chair.


Tom said...

...Live Stream puts you where you need to be. and rainy sound nice right about now.
...a good doc is important for all of us.
...I'm such a slow reader that subtitles take the fun out of a movie.thanks a bunch for stopping by, I hope to see you next week.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I was bopping as I was watching the video, thank you much. I like stories about fathers who teach their daughters to do nontraditional things. My dad didn't realize how much he was doing exactly that. Glad to hear Pupster came out fine from his tussle. Strong guy, he, says Molly the Cat.

Mascha said...

Sorry to read about your pupster, good, that you have a vet and it is healing.
The song is truly made for me and I wuill look for this movie, thanks for the tip.
Sorry, that I come so late - my mother is sick again and I had not time for visiting blogs. The heat takes all energy...