Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I have been reminded three times this week

(Sutro-Trees - Photo Public Domain)

Picnic moments at Point Lobos, San Francisco.
I had friends in the Coast Guard.
If you make it out to the point
You can watch Coast Guard Cutters sail out to sea.
It's humbling.
Those ships seem large in port.
Sailing away, look smaller and smaller until they seem to dip over the curve of the horizon.

When my friends would return, I'd load a day pack with small delights.
Water for the teeny bouquet of flowers resting in a china cup,
small blanket, a candle stub . . we'd stop across the street at the Zen bakery for fresh bread and cheese, then settle in a quiet, shady spot . . I'd listen to the stories of their travels, and watch the sun set over the same bit of ocean that brought them all safely home.

Most people think of Point Lobos as "The Cliff House." 
Forgetting there once was the fabulous, quirky Sutro manor.  Once most of the statues and old home were removed, there was a quaint park . . . perfect for magical picnics to celebrate good friends.

(Sutro Park - Photo Public Domain)


Su-sieee! Mac said...

I love your memories, G. Remember the arcade beneath the Cliff House? The first Husband and I liked to get on his bike and putter to Land's End and wander around the Sutro baths. One of his nieces had her wedding ceremony in Sutro Park. I can almost see the sign for the Zen bakery, but the memory is lost now to where it was. Other memories of my SF era are popping up though. :-)

Tom said...

...and look at those windswept pines.