Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday . . . (with Update)

Joke's on me.
Didn't find the "Friday People."
THANK YOU (again) Mascha for directing me to the "Friday People"
"Life Is Sweet Willy Nilly"
I've got a silly/fun project scanning some sketchbook pages to switch out art on my wall.
Here's one:
I'm looking forward to filling all the pages in this thin paper book
because then I'll give myself permission to use a book with met media.
I know, I know, it's wonky.  Seems "wonky" is a personal style.
Who Knew?
I remember riding a city bus with my grandmother in Los Angeles
seeing a building like this along the way.

We had a storm last night that soothed our heat wave at least 20 degrees.
The pupster and i took advantage of it last night
(while neighbors were cautiously taking photos of the sky.)
This morning people got the same idea . . . it was the first time EVER . . . the nature trail was CROWDED.
There's wisdom in that . . because we'll be hot beyond reason for the next few days.
Yay! for cooling storms.

One more thing.
Spike Jones fans send interesting stuff.
This was fun:

Happy Friday!


Tom said...

...a fair copy of the original.

Mascha said...

Good morning,
the friday peoples are joining just with Tom
(I miss Tanya and Nancy, but that isn't a news).
Good luck with your sketchbook (I should have one too). My grandmother every day in the tram was looking at one person and later in her atelier, she drawned the face from memory.
Enjoy your weekend

Su-sieee! Mac said...

The Carpenters a la Spike Jones, wonderful! I like this rendition. :-)

I'm nearly done with the "Golden Book" sketchbook you gave me. The last page will be for figuring out the Z pictures for the ABC Creatures. Thanks, again, G., for getting me started.