Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday . . . (with Update)

Joke's on me.
Didn't find the "Friday People."
THANK YOU (again) Mascha for directing me to the "Friday People"
"Life Is Sweet Willy Nilly"
I've got a silly/fun project scanning some sketchbook pages to switch out art on my wall.
Here's one:
I'm looking forward to filling all the pages in this thin paper book
because then I'll give myself permission to use a book with met media.
I know, I know, it's wonky.  Seems "wonky" is a personal style.
Who Knew?
I remember riding a city bus with my grandmother in Los Angeles
seeing a building like this along the way.

We had a storm last night that soothed our heat wave at least 20 degrees.
The pupster and i took advantage of it last night
(while neighbors were cautiously taking photos of the sky.)
This morning people got the same idea . . . it was the first time EVER . . . the nature trail was CROWDED.
There's wisdom in that . . because we'll be hot beyond reason for the next few days.
Yay! for cooling storms.

One more thing.
Spike Jones fans send interesting stuff.
This was fun:

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I have been reminded three times this week

(Sutro-Trees - Photo Public Domain)

Picnic moments at Point Lobos, San Francisco.
I had friends in the Coast Guard.
If you make it out to the point
You can watch Coast Guard Cutters sail out to sea.
It's humbling.
Those ships seem large in port.
Sailing away, look smaller and smaller until they seem to dip over the curve of the horizon.

When my friends would return, I'd load a day pack with small delights.
Water for the teeny bouquet of flowers resting in a china cup,
small blanket, a candle stub . . we'd stop across the street at the Zen bakery for fresh bread and cheese, then settle in a quiet, shady spot . . I'd listen to the stories of their travels, and watch the sun set over the same bit of ocean that brought them all safely home.

Most people think of Point Lobos as "The Cliff House." 
Forgetting there once was the fabulous, quirky Sutro manor.  Once most of the statues and old home were removed, there was a quaint park . . . perfect for magical picnics to celebrate good friends.

(Sutro Park - Photo Public Domain)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Holy Ground

Just returned from the theater.

Let's Pick Up the Gauntlet.  Let's Make Kindness Valuable in the 21st Century.

(taken from the feature film, although I might have mis-worded, so - no quotes.)

Thank you,
take up the gauntlet,
to accept a challenge to fight:  

                               example: He was always willing to take up the gauntlet for a good cause.

Oh My Heart


Friday, June 15, 2018

Today on Photo Friday

The subject is "pet"
I'm not sure my girl is actually a pet
Doesn't really matter, because she chooses to hide

Friday, June 08, 2018

D'ya hear people say they'd lose their head if it wasn't attached?

Large enough kids climb inside and look out the eyes.

Speaking of kids.
Tomorrow, with head intact
I'll be up early
ready to encourage kids to read.

It's a Good World.