Friday, May 18, 2018

Swades (finally finished viewing)

I have just begun watching.
It's long.  I'll watch a bit at a time.
Certain I'll be moved -

Have you already seen it?

First Update:  I'm maybe one third of the way through the story.
It's beautiful to my eyes,
There was a traveling song while we drove to a small village in India.
The word traveler is a variation of the Hindi word "to go"
cool . .

A young man, currently working for NASA in the United States,
misses the lady who raised him
and has taken time off to find her with the idea of returning to America with her.

Now we are in learning about village life.

I am back for just a few moments . . .
 (Now i realize I should have let you know when each update was made, hm?)
We have seen lovely things, and things that seem limiting . . .
Now, we are learning a song about stars and how one alone shines brightly
but many together causes powerful, life changing good.
Now I'm off the learn from "Truth & Liberty"
never know what I'll learn

see ya later.
we'll view more of the Bollywood film, hm?


Oh. oh!  I am on a short break - (taking classes today)
I logged on to view just a little and my heart is happy . . .
There is a singing-dancing scene - demonstrating how, together we can be amazing.
Yes, it's filled with hope
Yes, it's "sugary-sweet"  in a time our populace prefers "snarky"
It reminds me of all the folk concerts of last century
where the audience sang together
at least for the duration of a few songs
That Hope

okay, I'll return to my few moments of "la-la-land love-fest"
then, I'll finish a quiz
Maybe Thursday I'll get to view a bigger chunk of this feature film
love & love.

Today is 5/27/2018
Having a few moments, i logged in to view a bit more of Swades.
I am enjoying it.
I watched a scene that caused me to think - and question -
it was a community retelling of Hindu faith
(I always wonder if we aren't talking about the same understanding.)
After the story is shared to it's happy conclusion, people are gathered around a campfire, singing songs, enjoying the moment.
Our hero intrudes their community comfort, trying to encourage them towards
towards creating a better world

oh my . . . the Quest.
what will happen?

Finally, I have watched the story all the way.
i really enjoyed it . . but, i knew i would.

Our hero extends his stay from the original two week vacation
to five weeks.
Enough to invest himself in his country of origin,
enough to help them overcome things they complained about

enough to help them question
and perhaps change
long held (limiting*) cultural practises.
he needed to return to NASA
to finish up a project
his heart continued to pull him
We had a few moments of soul searching
but, in the end our hero returned to the village
and the people
he had come to love.
*used this word because I couldn't think of a better one - may not be what the story was saying
and - 
at the end there was a NASA disclaimer saying 
they did not endorse the way characters were portrayed and/or treated . .  

love & love,

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