Sunday, January 14, 2018

Duck Watching

Taken on a warmer day.
She is interested in ducks.
They seem mysterious, the way they float,

A few days ago there were several skaters on the frozen solid pond.
A family playing their own form of hockey.
Older and younger generations
sharing the moment.

We found ourselves a good view
 and watched with great interest.
Two days later, pond mostly thawed, 
  ducks were close enough to shore 
for us to listen to their conversations.

Pup is happy with winter,
walking, any kind of adventure
many kinds of treats.

makes me smile


Tom said...

...we were frozen solid and then several days of warm temps thawed things. Now we are frozen again.

Mascha said...

Looking at water (frozen or not) is always so relaxing.
Ihaven't forgotten you, but I've so much trouble with my 91years old mom at this time)
Have a blessed year (the half first month is gone, sigh!)

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like that kind of adventure, too. :-)

betty-NZ said...

I find it always fun to watch how animals interact. They could teach us a lot.