Monday, December 04, 2017

squeak! squeak!

I am squeaky.
Pushed myself too far . . . sigh.
Have a phone interview in a few minutes.
It will be fun, since I don't KNOW the reporter.
Fortunately, he is creating a story about my dad.
So, my squeak doesn't matter.

I'm gonna have a question for him, though.

I wonder if you have an opinion . . so, I'll ask you now.
My dad was related to Daniel Boone.  It comes up every few years or so.
Sometimes, when a writer asks, I'll send the information.

But, why does it matter? 
My dad was a terrific performing artist and excellent musician.
What does his family tree have to do with it?
I KNOW, the DNA tests are super popular.
Maybe a search for self is popular . . . . ?
But, I think YOU are my family.
I'm grateful for the connection we have - however slight . . .

Got opinions?

love & love,
(today I'm "the squeak" . . giggle) 


Tom said...

...I'l send you a can of WD40.

Mascha said...

The photo is phantastic.
Hope, all is gone well.
I don't make a DNA-test. Have always thought, it's better to choose a "family" by myself...

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Knowing that your Dad, and you, are related to Daniel Boone doesn't take anything away from his and your wonderfulness, talent, and accomplishments. It's simply fun for us to know and for reporters to write about.

Beth Niquette said...

I had to laugh over your comments. I grew up in the town of Wilsonville, where Boone's Ferry Days was celebrated each summer in honor of the fact Daniel Boone once walked down main street. They still celebrate the event every summer down in the park and other such celebrations. Daniel Boone was a hero to many people. You are blessed to be related.