Friday, December 08, 2017

How to draw like Picasso (video)

off to attend class - BUT, I suddenly
remembered it's Friday - well, I COULD take time to share all the
Fabulous things going on here - BUT, THIS makes me so happy, Maybe
you'll enjoy it, too.AND
PS - Persimmons are marvelous . . and a box of them - can heal the heart.
 (Thank You 3-0)
love & love,

Monday, December 04, 2017

squeak! squeak!

I am squeaky.
Pushed myself too far . . . sigh.
Have a phone interview in a few minutes.
It will be fun, since I don't KNOW the reporter.
Fortunately, he is creating a story about my dad.
So, my squeak doesn't matter.

I'm gonna have a question for him, though.

I wonder if you have an opinion . . so, I'll ask you now.
My dad was related to Daniel Boone.  It comes up every few years or so.
Sometimes, when a writer asks, I'll send the information.

But, why does it matter? 
My dad was a terrific performing artist and excellent musician.
What does his family tree have to do with it?
I KNOW, the DNA tests are super popular.
Maybe a search for self is popular . . . . ?
But, I think YOU are my family.
I'm grateful for the connection we have - however slight . . .

Got opinions?

love & love,
(today I'm "the squeak" . . giggle)