Monday, September 12, 2016

Bird Fair

Lawn sign, kinda small-ish - could be seen along the path 
mentioning a "Bird Fair."
Date on the sign had been marked over - with crayon - new date written below.
Another matching lawn sign a mile or more away.
Same scribble - same date
a website was mentioned
I decided to check it out

It was on a nice day
in a Plumbers Hall in Bridgeton, MO

Maybe I'd see friends. I know a few parrots, cockatoo, a toucan and a couple more "hook beaked" creatures living with humans.

Didn't see anyone I knew.
Met some friendly people.
Some traveled quite a distance.
Everyone explained those lawn signs are "the way" they advertise and invite folk.

In the hallway, outside the main room, there were ladies from a parrot rescue group.
They had smiles, conversation and gifts to give donators.
There were raffle tables to help raise money, i think also for birds needing assistance.
Inside the main room was packed with vendors
I should have realized.
There were amazing, beautiful birds.
The kind people in Australia see and hear 
in bushes and trees outside their homes.
So many lovely colors.
There were flash cameras,
somehow, i couldn't get into the mood 
found no desire to create chaos

There was a nifty Cockatoo
who knew how to attract attention
It was on a perch in the middle of a sales area
yelling. holding on and flapping, so it seemed to take flight, 
without leaving it's assigned space 

There were older macaws sitting close to their people
kinda mumbling it parrot-ese

There were lots of colorful spaces filled with toys, t-shirts, enormous cages,
specially formulated seed mixtures . . a huge pet store for smart birds packed in to a smallish space.
Toward the back there were calm birds on perches.
I asked the vendor questions
His dad owns the business, making special perches.

There were people able to come close and tease the parrots
I promise not to rant
Then, before the first hour was up, a lorikeet was loose
trained people calmly went to the closed off balcony upstairs to try and help the frightened bird 
Their professional behavior was impressive.
A few 
 event guests
tried to leap up and snag the beautiful freedom seeking bird
 time for me to go
 (in this photo you can see one and a half "helpers"
trying to save the bird.  You can also see a large
-event guest- 
 determined to misbehave)

We have a magnificent - world class - place to see & visit birds.
I'll have to take my camera there
to share with you.

love & love, 



Tom said...

Birds of a feather flock together I see!

Cloudia said...

I like your well written description of the day!

TexWisGirl said...

you said it all very well.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Part of me would want to see it. Another part, would not. But, I did enjoy the visit through your eyes.

E. said...

now that sounds like a super awesome group 2 b a part of, so so cool!!! ( ;

Crystal Collier said...

I really like tropical birds, but not living in the same space as them. We have tropical birds tromping through our neighborhood regularly, and sometimes they even block traffic.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

The birds are beautiful. Some people just don't have a clue.