Monday, August 29, 2016

That Stacked Stone Thing . . . .

Enamored with a stacked stone 'discovery' a while back.
 Researched and visited, finding it is a poured concrete art exhibit.
Got it into my head to visit a stacked stone shrine built last century
 by a Franciscan Brother.
Weather here causes plans to change.
Days passed before the adventure into unincorporated, rural Missouri happened.
Sure had fun.
 See?  Rocks, Sea Shells, Glittery Bits, Places where sun shines through Colored Glass -
Figurines . . . The rocks came from a settlement called "Old Mines" - which is another story altogether . . (so, I'll refrain.)

Other stuff was given by people who cared and wanted to be some small part of the project.  
The Franciscan spent years personally stacking, shaping and designing -

The bit above is part of the St. Francis Grotto
The Monk and the statue artist were both from Poland.

Here's a place to rest for a bit
(yes, i STILL have "a thing" for benches.)

In another space there's a grotto filled with the Nativity Scene.
I got lots of pictures - 
I'm a big fan of the donkey
or burro
so, got up close for this 

Okay, just wanted to get back to you about that "stacked stone" thing
and then,
share something
I liked better.

love & love,


Thursday, August 25, 2016


I often stop mid-day to watch Gunsmoke. 
It plays on Me-TV - (a retro channel)
The depth of writing humbles me.
Episode #7104 - "The Magician" aired today.
Cried - Felt Understood
Explained how I got to be mySelf.
and demonstrated the rule "shake the dust from your feet . . ."
I'm astonished.
and ready to get back to my day.
love & love,

Thursday, August 18, 2016

. . "i get itchy and scratchy!" (video)

 Spike Jones Friends gone wild this afternoon.

love & love,

Monday, August 08, 2016

teeny-tiny (video)

made me smile

love & love, 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

golly, the hurrier i go kind of a day . .

it Does seem like a Wonderland
the hurrier - more behind sort of feeling
stopped to visit a few blogs
so much wonderful!

I have picked an adventure for this week.
I wonder if I'll go tomorrow
or Thursday
we are expecting some "unsettled weather."
around here that suggests staying informed
taking classes, reading books, playing with paints again,
following my own advice
"when in doubt, do something"
 may this new week
love & love,


Thursday, August 04, 2016

We've been missing Pops . . .

just sayin'

love & love,