Friday, April 22, 2016

Kitty Boss

 I told the sky about
my need for a new Kitty Boss
since, Jelly Bean the Kitty Queen left for heaven
last summer.

Then, I opened my heart so I'd recognize
the purfect candidate when they applied.

I am happy to announce the position is now filled

She was waiting for me at the APA
Her adoption was sponsored by The Diamond Shop

She is Purfect in Every Way

color me happy
love & love,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Get Your Crayons Back!"

Get your crayons back!”
 “When you enter kindergarten they give you a box of crayons and some blank paper and tell you to go for it. So you do, and it’s fun, and it’s free, and it’s creative.”

“Then,” he continues in his booming Kentucky voice, “they give you an Algebra book and tell you to grow up, get a job, be responsible. And you lock all your creativity away.”

“It’s time to let it out, get back in touch with your inner child and the box of crayons.”

quote - Efrain Padro
photo - "Minnikin" - by maggid


Friday, April 15, 2016



 "Keeping The Peace" by Tammy Bality - made me think of Nancy

School - 5 more weeks - (yes. rehired for next term)

sometimes guardians choose to do nothing
 an event last week
with little out of control girls 
wildly spinning 
made me grateful for fresh air

The Pupster and i got up early and walked around a spiffy park as soon as it opened.
She insists it was one of the best things ever.

I'm looking forward to your posts.
love & love, 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who kept a good thought for my project Saturday.
It was such an adventure.
I was given the opportunity to have "my" kids
give a presentation - it was a bit high profile
but, I figured this was a good challenge
Besides, the school had just spent a small fortune sending me to a conference
 i wanted to give back

Then, like those stories we read - where the seeming impossible is asked 
and achieved
during a quest

I picked the most likely class
we added a little extra study to our curriculum
so, we'd understand what we were talking about
their schedule changed
Spring Break arrived
and when they returned, the school scheduled a special meeting
 that kept them from attending class.
I never saw those students again

I'd already written the text
super lively and way fun
 one week before, i asked students in a younger class for help
Their eyes sparkled, they couldn't believe they were being asked
 I also told the truth, asking for help from one of my older classes.
They ALL Loved the project.
Saturday morning, when it was time, I stood on the stage and asked
"Who is helping me this morning?"
An entire lineup of tall and short young people lined up on the stage.
We started and finished like seasoned pros
It was the high point of the morning
The adult presenters couldn't keep themselves from bragging about our school
It was a Stellar Success
Thank You for ALL YOUR Help!
love & love,

Friday, April 08, 2016

Good Morning!

1.  Musical Lion 

2.  Good Thought Requested - a gaggle of students giving a presentation tomorrow morning.

3.  Visiting a beautiful rescue center later this morning - perhaps I'll find our next "Kitty Boss."

4.  The Dog Museum was wonderful.  Yes, dogs were allowed.
It's more of a fine arts gallery - that hosts occasional weekend events - 
breed demonstrations - opportunities for canine volunteers to listen to an early reader
My favorite was meeting someone who beamed when sharing stories of dogs she's known.

5.   I do not like it when people make appointments
and cancel at the last minute.
just sayin'

love & love,

Friday, April 01, 2016

5 Things

1.  Here is a photo of my puppy smiling.

2.  I'm GLAD Nancy has returned.
(I'm smiling, too)

3.  There's a dog museum somewhere near here.  
I wonder what's in it.  hmmmm-

4.  I have picked up some bookings to tell stories in schools.
This is kinda nifty.

5.  Spring break has ended - 
there are only seven more teaching weeks in this school term.
Happy Friday!
love & love,