Friday, March 18, 2016

Willy-Nilly Five - 75? Wow!!! Thanks, Tanya!!

1.  My girl.  Yesterday was nice, we went to a fancy park.  After showing her the camera, she allowed me to take a few photos . . . I played with this one . .don't know why, just wanted to, i guess.

2.  Heard reports Frank Sinatra, Jr. "Going Home."  He was one of the "Big Kids" when i was little.  If you remember a kidnapping prank - a looong time ago - those boys were also part of the "Big Kid" collection - yep - they were all friends. I wish them all God Speed . . . and send my love.
They were  good to the little kid me.
3.  Spring Break for two weeks - which means the school term is almost over.  (sigh) 

4.  Getting cool again.  Will this keep me from visiting "The Garden?"
haven't been in such a looong time.

5. I need to plan a library/research day soon.  
(New material for some upcoming events)
What are YOU doing???

love & love,


Cloudia said...

Love you too

Latane Barton said...

What am I doing? I am getting ready for lunch guests tomorrow. I don't cook (or clean) much anymore so this is a challenge. But, a good one. Have a great weekend, Maggid.

Tom said...

#1 how agreeable
#2 I'm a "blue eyes" fan
#3 two weeks?
#4 same here
#5 trying to live life to the max


I'm really looking forward to Spring Break being over....the college kids that blanket our beaches during the two weeks will be gone and I can have the quiet and peace along the shores again. lol

Love the poochie image!!!!!!!!!!

Mascha said...

Cute girl, well edited.
Cold isn't my thing, but warm dressed - - - (wish, that spring comes faster!)
Send you a little sunshine

TexWisGirl said...

love your sweet girl.

Denise inVA said...

Your girl is so sweet. Bet she liked that park. Love the photo you took of her, a real nice effect. RIP Frank Jr. Spring break already? Time is flying by. It was pretty breezy around here this morning but it was a beautiful day with a thick woolly on. Loved seeing all the spring flowers on our walk. What am I doing? Celebrating hubby’s birthday today :)

Marie C said...

Love your puppy! Our grandson has a week of spring break next week. He has to help his Mom finish packing as she is getting out of their house and heading north the week after that. He is coming to stay with us until school is out. I am slowly getting the packing started for us...I have five months and yet somehow the task seems so insurmountable!

Lori said...

Pretty picture of your girl! She's beautiful. I bet you're looking forward to spring break. Hope you get to that garden. It's very springy weather here in the dessert. I love it but hope it doesn't get hot too quick. Hope you have a great weekend!