Monday, February 08, 2016

Mary Englebreit

Mary Engelbreit is exceptional.
I'd tell you about her
she does it better so HERE is a link


Sr. Ann Marie said...

I think I'm actually envious of people who are artistic! I took an evening art class at a local high school a number of years ago--oil painting--thinking we were going to be shown how to do specific things. However, week 1 we were told to draw a still life, week 2 a winter scene, and week 3 a self portrait. I never progressed beyond the winter scene! I keep saying I have the soul of an artist but it doesn't extend to my hands. But...I'm not dead yet so maybe there's hope!! Thanks for your sharing!

Elizabeth Edwards said...

when ever i have an option to buy anything Mary Englebreit i will always buy her cards and whatnot. i had one of her desk calendars last year. loved it. i cut out all of the favorite ones & hung them up in my mirror to remind me of important quotes. i love a bit of funny and a smart memorable quote. so perfect. & those doodles are perfect. i mean doodle in a great way. totally!! ( :

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

She does have some great ones.

Lynn said...

oh this was fun, I've enjoyed her work forever not knowing who she was of course. :-)

Crystal Collier said...

She has such a sweet, adorable style.