Monday, November 23, 2015

Karen sent a message that caught my imagination . . .

It’s as if the rug we have been sitting on all these years is being pulled out from under us, and layers upon layers of dust and dirt are being shaken out all over the place.
Now it is up to us—all of us who are on a spiritual path—to be the ones to make the connection to the Light in spite of the darkness, to be the lighthouse for others, to grow our consciousness and give more care to the people around us. 

The spiritual light we create through our kindnesses and through the human dignity we extend to others will be the light that guides our fellow beings forward on their path.

(Thank You, Karen Berg)


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Inspiring post, G. Definitely the path to best the dark side.

Cloudia said...

Now is the time, yes



EG CameraGirl said...

I so agree!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...