Thursday, November 05, 2015

Having Fun!

I stayed home today.
The puppies are happy.  And, when i post this, we'll go for a walk.  When all three of us walk together, i think we resemble a circus because Mr. Franklin Bumble is small and Baby Mia is Very Tall . . i suspect some people Think i am walking a polar bear when they see her . . . 
I talk out loud to them all along our way
They are good to put up with me.

I am taking several classes.
I got to create a "diptych" yesterday.
Most of my classmates do their work with digital devices.
How funny to realize I am considered "old school"
because I use this computer.
create something material
then, i walk away and enjoy my life.

sigh . . oh well.
I was considered a "throw-back" 
because I enjoyed needle work
("sticks and string" to create art)

and called a "throw-away"
when i was a kid
(nope, not latchkey, which is sad
"throw away" - which is an adventure.)

walk it is
woof woof
love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

i wish i could stay home tonight with my pups. it is raining and storming slightly. ah, well... they'll stay safe inside while i venture to work.

Lynn said...

what a great photo of you three, we were watching four of your Baby Mia dogs pull a few dozen sheep and baby sheep into a tight circle today, practicing for their upcoming transhumance move...

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Ha! I had to look again to notice Mr. Franklin Bumble on your lap. A cute photo of you three. I was a latchkey kid before it had a name. I had lots of adventures, which I'll not ever tell the Mama though she probably wouldn't sigh anymore since nothing ever happened. :-) That's a cool diptych. Be fun to make one old school. It's funny that we are now the old-school folks,