Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crazy Schedule . . .

 Does not keep me from sharing a few sights. 
Pretty Purple Fall Flowers
 I am on my way to the Center for Advanced Medicine
 Which gives us a Monday Morning Glimpse of Hope Pond
as we pass along
This place is full of Promise

love & love,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just Cute:

It's also a good depiction of my morning
(or afternoon)

On Saturday Mornings
during the school term
I get to teach two classes
Here's a look at our classroom

I tried to get pictures all the way around our room
so you could see the happiness all around.
"My" 4th and 3rd Graders
(in that order)
know this is a magical place

Most of our teachers refuse a room like this
in favor of traditional tables and chairs

(which i inherit on Wednesday afternoons.
my older students - create another kind of magic)

love & love,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Inspiring Article by Accidental Talmudist - Sharing a Life Story of Light . . .

Maud Nathan was a 19th century social reformer in New York who overcame personal tragedy to become a tireless advocate for American working women.

Maud was born in 1862 to a distinguished Sephardic Jewish family with a long history in America. Her cousins included Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo and poet Emma Lazarus (“Give me your tired, your poor…”). Maud was a proud member of Daughters of the American Revolution.

At age 17, Maud married her 35 year old first cousin Frederick Nathan, a successful stockbroker. Friendly and charming, Maud was a popular figure on the New York social circuit. She was the life of the party and enjoyed entertaining friends with her beautiful voice.

Maud and Frederick doted on their only child, Annette. When Annette died at age 8 in 1895, Maud’s heart was broken. Her previous life of wealth and parties suddenly seemed empty. This tragic event marked a turning point in Maud’s life. She realized that the only way to give her life meaning was to improve the lives of others.

A friend, Josephine Shaw Lowell, was the founder of the New York Consumers League, formed in 1890 to improve the working conditions of shop girls. At the time, female clerks in New York worked 60+ hours for $2.50 a week in filthy conditions. They endured frequent sexual harassment from both employers and customers.

Maud made use of her large social network to publicize the terrible working conditions for shopgirls. Maud eventually became president of the Consumers League and served for 21 years.

As a pioneer in educating consumers, she created the famous “white list,” naming stores and factories that met her high standards for wages and conditions. She encouraged the public to patronize these businesses. Maud believed that consumers had a responsibility to treat store employees with kindness and respect.

Every Christmas, she placed ads in New York newspapers urging people to shop early and carry packages home themselves, in order to make less work for the clerks.

In the late 1890’s, Maud went to Albany, the state capital, to lobby for better conditions for working women. She was frustrated to find that since women couldn’t vote, legislators were uninterested in helping them.

Maud’s mission grew to include the fight for women’s right to vote.

Her husband Frederick shared his wife’s views, and he led the Men’s League for Equal Suffrage and marched in the first suffrage parade. Newspaper accounts referred to him as Mr. Maud Nathan.

In 1897, Temple Beth-El invited Maud to give a speech about “The Heart of Judaism” in place of the rabbi’s sermon. This was the first time a woman played such a prominent role in an American synagogue service.

As director of the Hebrew Free School Association, Maud taught English to Jewish immigrants. She also worked as a social worker advocating on behalf of child workers, becoming an important crusader against child labor in America.

In 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, granting the vote to women, and Maud was finally able to fulfill a lifelong dream by casting her vote. She died in New York in 1946, at age 84.

For rejecting a life of ease to advocate for working women and children, and fighting the good fight for female suffrage, we honor Maud Nathan as this week’s Thursday Hero at Accidental Talmudist.

(inspired me so much - simply HAD to share)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I once had a little model . . .

A friend saw him and fell in love
and he found a new home

Then I created a model
people requested her
and some like her
so, i made a bunch
and they all found homes

Then I noticed a lady who was creating models
and she had a few actively looking for homes.
(for n adoption fee - why didn't i think of that??)

and, i have high hopes
that soon
we'll have a new adventure buddy


Monday, October 19, 2015

Would you like fries with that???

Imagine going to work here . . . 
guess they're used to the cold
wonder if there's a bus stop near by???


Sunday, October 18, 2015

A delightful corner

I hope i remember the point & shoot when it snows
this corner 20th street 
looks lovely to me.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

rented & watched the animated feature film "The Wind Rises"

There is an option to hear it in English

oh my

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday, October 09, 2015

Too Late for Linking . . but:

I still feel like sharing.

On Wednesday Mornings I go to Tiny Tot Story Time 
in St. Louis Hills.
Set up tiny chairs
unpack a picture book
and the cookies
(making sure they are high enough to discourage tiny raiders)

and prepare myself for crazy madness, singing, sharing
and total JOY.

Then, chairs go away, I pack up and head off to teach
a completely different age group

Then, home to my pupster.
Here she is enjoying one of her birthday gifts

and, here is Mr. Franklin Bumble
Who Knows Every Celebration is
All About Him!
(yeppers, he got plenty of gifts AND cookies, too!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

September visit to Hope Pond

 I have been adding photos to a slide show about Hope's Pond
at Hope Plaza.  One thing i wanted to capture was how the water simply flows out of the pond, and into the ground.  The entire place captures my attention.
Sometimes I'm going to be there anyway - But, for September i got to make a special trip. 
 This sparrow kept trying to take a bath at the edge of the pond, people kept walking by too close for comfort.
 It DID seem the bird took a moment to help me focus the point & shoot.
I left some tasty cookie crumbs as a thank you.
see?  We can't see the water pouring over the rim.
I'll keep working on it.

Sending YOU Hope.
love & love,

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Sunday, October 04, 2015