Monday, September 21, 2015

Send In The Clowns pt. 2

It was a Tuesday Morning
I was outside the book store where Tiny Tot Story Time happens
A lovely lady came to also wait, the store was a little late opening.
(On Tuesdays we open at 10a.)

A young man, wearing dark glasses and using a red tipped cane
came to the door
and asked if the store was closed.

I could see the clerk, about three doors away,
so, i explained the person with the key would be right there
the visually impaired gentleman began shouting the store is closed 
and won't open for an hour

He got close to the sign that posted hours
then jumped back and shouted
"It won't open until eleven"
"This store does not open until eleven"

the lovely lady remained quiet the entire time
note to self:
try behaving like the lovely ladies.

(the clown seems to reside in me . . . . giggle)


Su-sieee! Mac said...

But, do we remember to behave like lovely ladies the next time?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...


Lynn said...

ah maybe it was not just his sight that was impaired, I like your residant clown :-).

Rose said...

I can see that happening to me...