Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Story Morning

Story Morning is Always Splendid
Today was extra special.
i took a metro-link route to the University Corner and walked to "The Loop."
i was going to count how many Good Morning Greetings
I got to exchange
This morning there were too many.
people of all colors. ages, shapes and dress codes walk along the University street.
Some were people sitting on church stairs, walking in pairs to class, riding bikes, on the way to a gathering,
about half way i got to stop in front of the tiny city library,
it was still closed
the book drop was available, so i could return my latest loan.

I was still early and thought i might splurge and enjoy something at Piccone
the light wasn't "with me and i ended up at United Provisions
for coffee and a treat.

Delmar is transforming itself,
A HUGE project that will give us a might cool trolley.
Lots of us are excited

Story Time was Extra Special.
One of our boys will be attending school
and, since I don't get to see him until holidays
He & His sister
each created original art for their story lady to enjoy
My 2015-16 Gallery is officially opened.

You want to know what made us smile this morning at Subterranean Books?
I'm glad you asked.
"Duck's Vacation" by Gilad Soffer was wonderful fun - well, for us, anyway.  Every page we turned destroyed Duck's Perfect Vacation . . and we continued to turn pages, even though he asked us not to - eventually he went home and left us with some pirates . . . 

(yes, we enjoyed it.)
And, by request we re-read

Really nice graphics in 
"Please Bring Balloons"
by Lindsay Ward

Well, we ALSO enjoyed some silliness and song . .
I'll leave all that for the morning YOU come for a visit.

Share Your Stories!
love & love,


Amy at love made my home said...

They look like fun books! xx

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I must find me a copy of "Duck's Vacation" to read. Encores the same day means 5 million thumbs up.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I often use a library book drop that is in front of the municipal building downtown (but not near a library). Last time I used it, one of the boys asked how it got from the drop to the library. He was envisioning some sort of underground tunnel I think.

Great book choice!