Wednesday, July 01, 2015

"Take me for a ride on your light rail . . . "

Tomorrow Morning my puppy gets to play with her friends at Puppy Day Camp
and i get to take a ride across the Mississippi for an adventure to
the Jazz Ensemble Market

I saw a sign in a train car a few days ago and decided I should go explore
The sign was clever.
It looked like the regular train route
BUT, instead of Emerson Park
the station was named "Jazz Ensemble Market"

Off we go, with our little point and shoot
to see what marvelous thing is happenin'
on the "East Side" of the river.

Speaking of Marvelous,
Did you see this
in Hollister, CA???
Posted by my friend, Su-sieee! Mac

I wish we could all be there for that event.

love & love,

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thanks, Georgy, for the link to my post. It feels good to see it here. :-) I can hardly wait to see photos of your adventure. I hope there'll be some jazz awaiting you.