Monday, July 27, 2015

"Life Happens"

I've heard several people use the phrase "Life Happens" in the last few days.
They were talking about how "other stuff" can interfere with personal goals.
Yeppers. it happens.
I've had several "Happenings" in the last few days.
I figure it's a test.
Experts suggest,
as soon as we notice we are "off track"
we simply need to bring ourselves back to center and continue on our way.

I make a mental note,
to minimize a lot of the derailments by
 1. trying not to get upset.
(I mean I do more damage by re-thinking the happening . . . )

2. trying not to fall for the same situation more than twice
(I tend to give too many chances. but what can ya do?)

I think those two ideas will help me tons.

How about you?
People or Situations 

How do you handle these things?

love & love,


Lynn said...

Hi there, love this little face! When I did work I did not like confrontations which often would lead me astray taking me into my passive-aggressive side which fixed nothing. In the end I simply learned to choose my responses or my way of digesting said material, if it was important I'd try to fix it, usually with a third impartial party involved. Or I'd simply stick my head in the sand or ignore the entire thing. Older and wiser now :-)

The Purple Assassin. said...

I feel sometimes we should just go through them without thinking too much about it.
this made me go through it without being much perturbed. The time we get inside our heads and find opinions is when it becomes bad.
separating emotions from who we are is in essence, very difficult, yet, very crucial. It makes you see world with true eyes.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Every so often I let my mind slip and I feel like I've put my life--and the Husband's life--on hold. But, I shake it off quickly. Tell myself this is where I--and the Husband--have chosen to be and plow ahead. I finally get the saying. Get lemons. Make lemonade. Better yet--and lemon extract, limoncello, lemon pudding, and whatever else lemony to eat, drink, or clean with.

I'm shaking my imaginary pom-poms in the air for you, G.