Friday, July 03, 2015

Good Morning, Pops

I spotted a welding helmet.  It was on the seat beside a young man riding the train.  The helmet was gorgeous, super modern with bright graphics  I only knew what it was because you were a welder.  The young man saw me looking and held it up for me to see.  I HAD to tell him how SMART he is.  Welding isn't a "popular" choice it's a Brilliant Choice.  I congratulated him, because he will always have work, he will provide a quality life for his loved ones and his entire community will be proud of him . . . The young man started to beam.  He held up a book he was carrying.  He was off to take his proficiency test.  I figure YOU were right there Blessing Him.

A friend sent this to me:
Isn't this fun?  The artist is Mary Englebreit, she lives here
(St. Louis, MO.)
People all over the world enjoy her work.

I saw this church at the Emerson Station in Illinois
(East St. Louis)
I've seen it from the highway,
but this was my first up-close-and-personal visit.

Here's a fun poster:

Do you know my friend, Zalman?
Are the two of you great study buddies in heaven?
(You would have been here on earth, too - BUT, you were both so busy helping others.)

'bye for now,
love & love,
your daughter


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Beautiful church. Welding is quite an art - hope the man did well on his test.

TexWisGirl said...

really sweet.

gin said...

My youngest son is a welder. It's his passion. You are right right that it makes for a good living and just to see the product created makes it an art in itself. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And you previous posts have inspired me to make "story time" with books a main priority in my summer days with my little grand-ones.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Welding is one of the things I want to learn. I imagine myself creating sculptures for our front yard.

I love that you write notes to your dad.

"...E...", from VA, Beth said...

i love Mary Englebreit's work ... she is too fun. i have one of her daily calendars. so so fun! ( :