Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five

I'm not certain I'll "link up" with anyone today
BUT, i have become used to sharing "Five on Friday"

1.  have you already seen THIS story?
It makes me really happy.

Visited the History Museum yesterday.
There are several great looking exhibits.  I choose just one - about Living in St. Louis in 1875.
Very Interesting.  
I will most likely return for other exhibits,
 i simply did not feel like developing a case of "mind muddle" 
early in the day.  (giggle)

3.  This morning it was cool enough for a walk to the neighborhood park.
My puppy got to side and go through the tunnel.
Color us happy.

4.  Tuesday Morning at Subterranean Books we get to "test drive"
the coolest books.
This is an "indestructible board book."  There is an entire line of these.  A Great investment if you have teeny ones who put everything in the mouth - or drop things in tubs of soapy water.
I especially enjoyed this one.  The graphics delighted me and, the story is about a super small person not being noticed in the world, helping someone else and making a friend.  Having a friend makes everything better.

Tuesday Morning Story Corner ready for tiny feet . . . 

Happy Weekend to YOU!


TexWisGirl said...

uplifting books and a sweet walk w/ pup. nice!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You've got a very cool reading corner. I would enjoy sitting there, listening to you reading stories.

Monkeywrangler said...

I wish the museums around here were less expensive. With three kids in tow, it costs a lot to go to any of them except the art museum.

I saw a neat chair that had built in bookshelves. I thought it was cool. I bet you'd have liked it too.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I will have to look for these books.!

Gattina said...

The exhibition about St. Louis must have been interesting !
Tomorrow it's my last day in England !

Lynn said...

Yes Lisa's post made me happy too, such a cool family! Happy WE to you too.

"...E...", from VA, Beth said...

you don't hear much about hey diddle diddle any more ... i love that one!! ( :
you have a great week. hope you are well. love seeing what you share on FB. thanks for being my friend.