Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blame it on Buffy

I heard a song, well a snippet of a song on Public radio this morning.  Stopped me dead in my tracks, the lyrics were my heart . . being sung back to me . . . It simply HAD to be Buffy Sainte-Marie . . the interview that followed explained what i already knew from the music i'd just heard . . she has a new album releasing . . and, for anyone who is a "Spirit Walker"  (my term) - it calls those of us who were sent to "do the work" to stand, and make a difference.

By hook or crook, i must also do whatever I am able to serve.

It's true, i have had the dream for a while, even after my entire world changed, i have continued to try rising up again.  Golly, there certainly is a lot of resistance, isn't there?  i could list the hardships, but - people experience hardship, right?  It's our response that holds the extra power.  I could list the changes and challenges - BUT, that is not helpful.  Instead, i will pretend i hold a crystal sword of truth that was never harmed by the journey here and that can never be tarnished by the greed, misuse of power and control effort flung, like debris from a dust bin, in our direction.

We are here, we are standing, we were trained to "be the answer."

I'm finding my way back.

I'm blaming it on Buffy.


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Buffy would probably be happy for you to blame her if it's helping you find your way back. Sending you positive vibes, too. :-)

Marie C said...

A soulful post...this is a journey I think we all must face in life. But then some don't face it, but turn away or even fight it. Thanks for your amazing comments on my recent blog posts! I appreciated having another well-informed blogger friend supporting my efforts. :-) Boy, I haven't heard the name Buffy Saint-Marie in years and years! You took me back a ways! :-)