Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five

I'm not certain I'll "link up" with anyone today
BUT, i have become used to sharing "Five on Friday"

1.  have you already seen THIS story?
It makes me really happy.

Visited the History Museum yesterday.
There are several great looking exhibits.  I choose just one - about Living in St. Louis in 1875.
Very Interesting.  
I will most likely return for other exhibits,
 i simply did not feel like developing a case of "mind muddle" 
early in the day.  (giggle)

3.  This morning it was cool enough for a walk to the neighborhood park.
My puppy got to side and go through the tunnel.
Color us happy.

4.  Tuesday Morning at Subterranean Books we get to "test drive"
the coolest books.
This is an "indestructible board book."  There is an entire line of these.  A Great investment if you have teeny ones who put everything in the mouth - or drop things in tubs of soapy water.
I especially enjoyed this one.  The graphics delighted me and, the story is about a super small person not being noticed in the world, helping someone else and making a friend.  Having a friend makes everything better.

Tuesday Morning Story Corner ready for tiny feet . . . 

Happy Weekend to YOU!

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Life Happens"

I've heard several people use the phrase "Life Happens" in the last few days.
They were talking about how "other stuff" can interfere with personal goals.
Yeppers. it happens.
I've had several "Happenings" in the last few days.
I figure it's a test.
Experts suggest,
as soon as we notice we are "off track"
we simply need to bring ourselves back to center and continue on our way.

I make a mental note,
to minimize a lot of the derailments by
 1. trying not to get upset.
(I mean I do more damage by re-thinking the happening . . . )

2. trying not to fall for the same situation more than twice
(I tend to give too many chances. but what can ya do?)

I think those two ideas will help me tons.

How about you?
People or Situations 

How do you handle these things?

love & love,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

D'ya think these people are inviting Celestial Dragons?

 This one beckons from Barcelona

this one invites in Dublin, Ireland

If i continue to ask in my heart,
will one hear me
and think i might make an interesting friend?

I should begin to study.
I have questions.
what should i be ready to offer a Celestial Dragon
a muffin?  cheddar cheese?
I have heard about toasted flocks of sheep
I'm pretty sure i would not be expected 
to handle something like that.

Peanut Butter?
I wonder if peanut butter would stick to the roof of a Celestial Dragon's mouth.
see? just to offer hospitality
i have a lot to learn.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Leaving Too Early in the Morning

1.  And, i really wanted to leave a message, in case you stop by.
I'll make sure to come visit your blog when i return home.
2.  I think I should carry my little point & shoot every time i go by Hope Plaza
and add a collection of seasonal shots to my story.  Besides, I'm bound to improve if i keep taking the camera out and trying.  (I hope)

3.  One of the things i get to do in the morning
 is pick another book up at the library 
about the development of the Ralston Purina Company. 
 I'm having a great time learning about . . stuff.
hmmm - how much more odd could i get?

4.  My hair might be long enough to start braiding and stuffing under a baseball cap.
(The hair cut moratorium continues.  giggle)

( i would like a Celestial Dragon to Visit.
Maybe we could be friends.) 

I'm glad you came to visit.
have a super weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Story Time Report

Tuesday Mornings i am at Subterranean Books.
We investigate three books, right off the shelves
and sing silly songs.
Last Tuesday, the new book that fascinated me was
"Butterfly Park" by Elly MacKay.
It's about moving and making friends
 the Art is enchanting.

We meet Tuesday Mornings at 10:30 AM
(6275 Delmar)
You can find the very best in picture books
on the shelves, back corner, by he stairs.
(just "fyi")

Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 AM
we are a bit wilder
cookies, stories, lots of singing, dancing, we are a little LOUD
today we read 
"Ben's Trumpet" by Rachel Isadora
it's a personal favorite

so, story times,
early childhood development
family bonding
all that, and a crazy good time
 a gift to the community from the Stutte family
(6759 Chippewa)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hello Sunday!

Most everything about this weekend has been
different than expected
BUT, Splendid.

There was a movie I'd never heard of playing on
"Grit" (one of the channels that plays older material)
I saw:
Really Enjoyed it.

Then, when i thought it couldn't get any better
a friend posted:
1999 Avalon String Band "Spike Up The Band" - 4th Place

This Sunday seems to be full of fun and delight.
Hope it's the same in your world.
love & love,

Friday, July 10, 2015

Good Morning . . .

1.  Years ago i was in this region on the 4th of July.  
The small town parade i saw was delightful, but the weather?   
Memorably Uncomfortable. 
 i still recall the searing, heavy, humid heat of that day -
 it was even challenging to breathe . . 
this week?
 rain gear and sweat shirts are a common sight - it's cool
 (in the 60's) 
with lots of rain
what a remarkable difference.

2.  Peaches are in season . . and wowzer, they are good. 

3.  I took yesterday off . . . now i feel rested and ready to go.  (yippeee!)

4.  This lady stands in the yard of a picturesque church within walking distance of the  Market/Cafe  I'd traveled to Illinois to visit.  I poked my camera through the fence to get this remembrance of her.  It was early in the morning and no one was about - 

she was there to offer a welcome.

5.  Wishing all of you a terrific week end.
love & love,

Monday, July 06, 2015

Thursdays Rock

I promised to share more about this
It was a fabulous Thursday Adventure
perhaps two weeks ago

Last week I rode the train
Emerson Park Station
Across the river 

I met some swell people
on the way to the market

I tend to adventure on Thursday
It's my favorite day of the week

Do YOU have a favorite day of the week?
Just askin'

love & love,

Friday, July 03, 2015

John Wayne 1970 Variety Show Celebrating America's History

Good Morning, Pops

I spotted a welding helmet.  It was on the seat beside a young man riding the train.  The helmet was gorgeous, super modern with bright graphics  I only knew what it was because you were a welder.  The young man saw me looking and held it up for me to see.  I HAD to tell him how SMART he is.  Welding isn't a "popular" choice it's a Brilliant Choice.  I congratulated him, because he will always have work, he will provide a quality life for his loved ones and his entire community will be proud of him . . . The young man started to beam.  He held up a book he was carrying.  He was off to take his proficiency test.  I figure YOU were right there Blessing Him.

A friend sent this to me:
Isn't this fun?  The artist is Mary Englebreit, she lives here
(St. Louis, MO.)
People all over the world enjoy her work.

I saw this church at the Emerson Station in Illinois
(East St. Louis)
I've seen it from the highway,
but this was my first up-close-and-personal visit.

Here's a fun poster:

Do you know my friend, Zalman?
Are the two of you great study buddies in heaven?
(You would have been here on earth, too - BUT, you were both so busy helping others.)

'bye for now,
love & love,
your daughter

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

"Take me for a ride on your light rail . . . "

Tomorrow Morning my puppy gets to play with her friends at Puppy Day Camp
and i get to take a ride across the Mississippi for an adventure to
the Jazz Ensemble Market

I saw a sign in a train car a few days ago and decided I should go explore
The sign was clever.
It looked like the regular train route
BUT, instead of Emerson Park
the station was named "Jazz Ensemble Market"

Off we go, with our little point and shoot
to see what marvelous thing is happenin'
on the "East Side" of the river.

Speaking of Marvelous,
Did you see this
in Hollister, CA???
Posted by my friend, Su-sieee! Mac

I wish we could all be there for that event.

love & love,