Friday, June 19, 2015


Hm, it's challenging to find five things this morning.
I read Tanya's Post first, which is uplifting, supportive and  
honors Good given us from the Past.

Golly, i enjoy our community.
(Thank you, Tanya)
(and, i hope Nancy is doing a-okay.  miss her.)

1.  Managed some time to collect extra information for an assignment.
(giggle . . . i play hooky in order to "do school.")

2.  Took my pupsters for a morning walk in the rain.
they are happy - i am wet.

3.  Last week i took and adventure to visit the only St. Louis Address
 i had for William Inge (the playwright.) 
As I walked down the street the word "Re-Purposed" came alive. 
 So many gorgeous, old buildings have been restored and put back into service
 in new, modern ways.   21st Century has new ideas,
and doesn't seem to mind honoring the past.

4.  I had a bunch of appointments.  I was getting stressy thinking 
it would take all day to handle them all.
Turned out i managed the first, most important one, 
 figured out how to peacefully stagger,
less imperative stuff across several days.  
and happily went my way.


love & love,


Tanya Breese said...

oh #1 made me laugh...i bet the puppies had fun in the rain! oh well, at least you managed to get the most important task finished! i could do #3 with you, sounds like my kind of day...what a beautiful tree!! thanks for linking maggid and have a great weekend!
p.s. i often think of nancy too :(

Marie C said...

BUSY day! Glad you got to enjoy the older buildings on your walk. And your photo is awesome.

Mascha said...

Great big tree!
Me too... haven't found five to write and haven't managed to make a post today. Only made a new picstory for friday...
But like to visit the others.
Oh yeah, I miss Nancy! And I miss your two other blogs -
Have a nice weekend

TexWisGirl said...

dog walking, being productive, getting things done, now relax, too! :)

Rose said...

I really liked the randomness of your 5--I always enjoy when people just do random and yet find it hard to do myself sometimes.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Wonderful randomness. Your giggles relax me, thank you very much. :-)

Tom said...

Life can be a juggling act. Tom The Backroads Travbeller

Josephine-Anne Griffiths said...

Loved reading your blog Maggid. Love your randomness and your 'giggles' :-)

Ida said...

#1 is funny.
Sounds like you are plenty busy but how nice to take a walk with the dogs and enjoy the rain.

Carol Z said...

I think I need to rejoin the five Friday crew. Really liked doing the Random Five. I still remember seeing "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" on television. Stuck with me all these years. Love and love!