Friday, June 26, 2015

Five (Thank you Tanya)

1.  I was on an adventure yesterday - learning about Chess - while i was out i was thinking about YOU and took this:

2,  It's mega raining here.

3.  I received a "Community Grant" from the Regional Arts Commission to make a difference in Ferguson, MO.  For months, every Monday,  i got up extra early and rode a bus, a train, another train, and one more bus - walked a few blocks, stopped for coffee, then went to the local library and offered tiny tot story time.  Every other week I sent updates to the generous investors who made it possible, so they could feel part of the Joy.

Message from my last day:
I have just returned home from Ferguson. 
 Since next Monday is a Holiday (and the Library is closed)
Today was our last Story Time.

I took the first couple of weeks in January to promote,and began our event the last Monday of January.
The dates ran through May (altered dates because our original proposal was from November through February, but actually began in January)

I started with three people - we ended with a full event, multi-generational and multi-colored.
They look like a Rockwell Painting stepped off the canvas and came to life.
I am certain this group will be self-sustaining well in to the future.

The adults promised each other they would continue on.
The new librarian promised story time and crafts.

I hope RAC and all the Contributors are proud of the terrific work we accomplished.
We proved that the arts can step into the community, "Be The Change" - and make a positive, hope filled, difference.

Life at the Ferguson Municipal Library is filled with the promise of Peace,
Thanks to YOU.

(Thank you for the opportunity)
love & love,

(it was challenging - It was worth it.)

More about this later

5.  yesterday i imagined - during those times things seem disappointing, it is merely the space between - like changing celestial gears - (sort of how it feels when a vehicle changes gear , , right?)

The other day I was searching myself for the favorite part of an event.
The favorite part turned out to be BEFORE participants arrived.
Two women were talking with me and one shared about an officer who sang "Twinkle. Twinkle Little Star" to a crying child.  In the process of sorting out the day, I posted the good bit and my friend, Mark Keeley  (who is Amazing) sent the link:

Happy Week,
love & love,


Tanya Breese said...

love that fountain photo and enjoyed reading #3....the cop/toddler story is so sad, but beautiful...that poor's raining mega here too! more about #4 later...hmmmm! thank you for linking maggid and have a super weekend!


We had the wettest month =last month= in Texas history. And have had a few days of huge amounts of rain in June. I don't mind tho. Not after years of drought in our state.

Loved reading your 5...that is what I call devotion with the commute you engaged it to read to the children!!! Wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

you are a blessing to so many and you give of your time and of yourself so frequently.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a lovely post - we all need some good cheer these days and you gave us some. I am beginning my day with hope and a smile. Well, actually I began it at the grocery store early, but now the rest of my day begins. Thank you.

Ida said...

Interesting 5 - Congrats on that Grant. The project sounded very worthwhile.
Lovely Fountain (I've got one today as well)
Wish it would rain here.

Monkeywrangler said...

You did good work in Ferguson. Thank you.

Tom said...

#1 Maybe one day my grandkids will teach me to plat chess.
#2 It was mega raining here, but now it is dry.
#3 Good to hear.
#4 OK, I'll be waiting.
#5 Good for him.
Tom The Backroads Traveller

Marie C said...

What a great storytime at the Library! Wonderful! And the story about the cop singing to the toddler was so moving. Very sad! Loved your beautiful photos. An awesome post!

Rose said...

What a great thing to do--the story time...loved #5!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Congrats on a successful story time. I hope it continues forward, too. Such an adventure you had every Monday.

One day, again, we'll have a mega rain. See, Georgy, you've got me turning my words to think positively. Thanks. :-)

Carol Z said...

When I was praying for Ferguson I didn't realize I was praying for you, too. Isn't it something how the path of prayer works!