Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today @ Story Time

Tuesday Morning we gather at
Upstairs, 10:20 AM
for story time fun

we test drive the very best picture books
on the shelves
 we sing
we bring our favorite friends
(Moms, Guardians AND
Today we had a Duck, a Ball that said Canada on the sides
a Monkey and a Sister)

I suppose our favorite today was
That Chameleon was super great with colors

What's YOUR Favorite Color???


Friday, June 26, 2015

Five (Thank you Tanya)

1.  I was on an adventure yesterday - learning about Chess - while i was out i was thinking about YOU and took this:

2,  It's mega raining here.

3.  I received a "Community Grant" from the Regional Arts Commission to make a difference in Ferguson, MO.  For months, every Monday,  i got up extra early and rode a bus, a train, another train, and one more bus - walked a few blocks, stopped for coffee, then went to the local library and offered tiny tot story time.  Every other week I sent updates to the generous investors who made it possible, so they could feel part of the Joy.

Message from my last day:
I have just returned home from Ferguson. 
 Since next Monday is a Holiday (and the Library is closed)
Today was our last Story Time.

I took the first couple of weeks in January to promote,and began our event the last Monday of January.
The dates ran through May (altered dates because our original proposal was from November through February, but actually began in January)

I started with three people - we ended with a full event, multi-generational and multi-colored.
They look like a Rockwell Painting stepped off the canvas and came to life.
I am certain this group will be self-sustaining well in to the future.

The adults promised each other they would continue on.
The new librarian promised story time and crafts.

I hope RAC and all the Contributors are proud of the terrific work we accomplished.
We proved that the arts can step into the community, "Be The Change" - and make a positive, hope filled, difference.

Life at the Ferguson Municipal Library is filled with the promise of Peace,
Thanks to YOU.

(Thank you for the opportunity)
love & love,

(it was challenging - It was worth it.)

More about this later

5.  yesterday i imagined - during those times things seem disappointing, it is merely the space between - like changing celestial gears - (sort of how it feels when a vehicle changes gear , , right?)

The other day I was searching myself for the favorite part of an event.
The favorite part turned out to be BEFORE participants arrived.
Two women were talking with me and one shared about an officer who sang "Twinkle. Twinkle Little Star" to a crying child.  In the process of sorting out the day, I posted the good bit and my friend, Mark Keeley  (who is Amazing) sent the link:

Happy Week,
love & love,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thinkin' of You, Pops . . .

 I followed a story about a Playwright i studied 
and, when i looked up his address and went to see
it turned out to be a fabulous story
 The building has been filled with story, adventure,
includinging being discarded. falling into disrepair
and being re-discovered
 This New Century has people with vision,
just like you
and they save, lift, inspire, share
in fact, i think the entire community is improved
because of the efforts of a few who believe it's worthwhile
to repair the foundation of greatness 
 There are beautiful details
look. iron work!

You are in my heart
Happy Father's Day,
love & love,
your daughter

Friday, June 19, 2015


Hm, it's challenging to find five things this morning.
I read Tanya's Post first, which is uplifting, supportive and  
honors Good given us from the Past.

Golly, i enjoy our community.
(Thank you, Tanya)
(and, i hope Nancy is doing a-okay.  miss her.)

1.  Managed some time to collect extra information for an assignment.
(giggle . . . i play hooky in order to "do school.")

2.  Took my pupsters for a morning walk in the rain.
they are happy - i am wet.

3.  Last week i took and adventure to visit the only St. Louis Address
 i had for William Inge (the playwright.) 
As I walked down the street the word "Re-Purposed" came alive. 
 So many gorgeous, old buildings have been restored and put back into service
 in new, modern ways.   21st Century has new ideas,
and doesn't seem to mind honoring the past.

4.  I had a bunch of appointments.  I was getting stressy thinking 
it would take all day to handle them all.
Turned out i managed the first, most important one, 
 figured out how to peacefully stagger,
less imperative stuff across several days.  
and happily went my way.


love & love,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today at Story Time

Yes!  It's Tuesday 
Story Time @ Subterranean Books
What a Terrific Time it was.
We had regular friends, new friends,
Three Books.

I really need to tell you about two of them,
ONE is a Gorgeous
by Aaron Becker

It's super imaginative, 
it's also the best kind of story, the illustrations had all of us leaning forward, open jawed. enjoying details on every page AND - there are no words, so the viewers got to tell us what was going on, and the name for things as they decided.  There is an adventure, directed by a young person who decides how the story will proceed using a pen.  I don't want to give too much away - I hope you'll take time to stop by Subterranean and enjoy those pages in person.  

The Other Book i wanted to tell you about made us all laugh.
"I Yam A Donkey!"
by Cece Bell

the cover tells us there's a 
"story, picture and bad grammar"
and that's true
You won't be disappointed.
How's YOUR "Hee-Haw?"

I hope you stop by 
let me know how you like our picks of the week

love & love,

ps - Subterranean Books altered their Tuesday Time especially to accommodate Story Time.
Store opens at 10 AM - story time is from 10:30 to 11:00 a.
always free,

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Isn't this stunning?

I read about an abandoned subway in Cincinnati.
When i googled it, I learned it was true.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 05, 2015


1. Last week i adventured downtown to the TUMS factory.

2.  I read Michelle's Post before i started typing
and decided i should add some music this morning

3.  There is a freelancers business called Upwork.
Yesterday they offered a webinar to acquaint anyone interested
 with their process and tips on how to begin.
(hope this is handy for some of us)

4.  I watched the song sparrow family 
try to coax their little feathered babies out into the world.
It took two days . . the parents demonstrated . . sang . . . 
did some fancy and impressive flying maneuvers . . can you believe it?  
I missed the actual moment and now . . poof . . they are off again.  
I can't decide if they want me to leave the wreath they made home, or get them a new one . . or . . ?  sigh  - I'm going to miss them.


love & love,

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It's Already June!

Happy June!
I can't believe it's already the 3rd.
We have a song sparrow family in our yard

I'm amazed at how well taught the babies are
they know to be quiet
and duck down
until parents return to care for them

I wonder if they know the adult pair is close by at all times
and super watchful

Nature continues to impress me.

Happy Wednesday!