Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adventuring About . . City Garden

 I have started adventuring around again . . . 
I was over-busy for a while 
SO, hear is a head - a LARGE One
children walk inside and look out the eyes
it sits on a corner in City Garden
(which is the place i was visiting when i took these photos)
did i tell you the head is in a huge puddle type fountain?

 Yeppers, there is an enormous horse-ish figure - with a star-ish on its back
peeking through the trees
 there were signs saying this fountain was closed
because it was really early in the morning, because it was raining
because it was cold
because the feature was being repaired before summer begins
BUT, i wanted to show you the cool little man in the boat art guy
can you see him?
I really like this Bird Guy
he is wearing shoes
I always ask him to lunch
he declines because, even if he IS wearing shoes,
he does not have a shirt
i suspect he is only being polite
he might not like my style


Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At Subterranean Books Today

There was a lot of adventure this morning
on our way to Subterranean Books
First, we got to find creative ways to get to the front door.
(Construction on Delmar)
Then, we got to Marvel at the Public Art - (gotta check it out while it's there)
when story time began
we read about a home for shy cats
and Blue Things - which included rain
"If You Plant A Seed"
which i highly recommend
the art is really nice
and the book demonstrates peace in a sweet way

Currently reading:
REALLY enjoying it - 

sending love,

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Work is love made visible." 
--Kahlil Gibran

Friday, May 15, 2015

Dear Nancy,

1.  It was raining really hard - so, i took this photo from inside - the place i want to show you is so crazy,  This is a teeny bit of the front of City Museum.

2.  Here is my latest view of "The Inseparables."
Mr. Franklin Bumble is 15 lbs.
and. Mia was 76 lbs. last Thursday.

3.  We have a Kitty Queen Monarch.
She does NOT like having her picture taken.

4.  I have gone on a hair cut moratorium . . .
I'm a little shaggy . . .

5.  Everything is blooming at once in my yard.

love & love,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday @ Subterranean Books

I enjoy Story Time

We get to "Test Drive"
the Very Best Books.

Today we Read:
The kids really liked the pictures
Grown-ups really liked remembering the song.
There's a CD in the back cover
I bet Ringo Sings it . . . 

Flashlight by Lizi Boyd
is a True Picture Book
Pictures only. and they tell an entire story of discovery
that we all got caught up in.


a grand look at lots of ways we can live and be happy.
I think this was my favorite today.
I wonder what we'll discover next week.

love & love,

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Honeysuckle Monster

I'm from the West
i remember Honeysuckle being pretty
smelling terrific
and being sweet, if you sucked on the flower

I am in the Midwest
here this plant is considered a public enemy
there are announcements to encourage people to get rid of it
anywhere it is growing

The plant looks different here
still smells just as nice

Here is a close up
of a blooming


Friday, May 08, 2015

Dear Nancy,

1.  I had this wreath made for my office door a few years ago:
2.  Now it's inside my porch, right outside my room, and houses a song sparrow family . . . 
(I KNOW it isn't a good photo - I only took one quick try
because i didn't want to frighten my friends . . . still,
can you see the bird on the nest?  Makes me happy.)

3.  My puppy is 76 pounds . . . she's tall, smart, beautiful . . 
and we love each other very much.  
She is a terrific friend and sister to Mr. Franklin Bumble 
(I know, i tell you about my companions a lot . . . 
well, it's just "how we roll around here . . giggle)

4.  I learn a lot about mySelf yesterday, while beginning to create a labyrinth . . . who knew?
Sometimes, new actions can unlock cool new avenues of . . what?  personal adventure, i guess . . 
I don't know if I'll have more to share about this . . I'll get back to you . . 

5.  Currently reading:
Just started - it has my attention.

sending love,

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Gotta Grin:

By now you know there are times
I have so much fun
I giggle for days 
here's the Book that entertained me today:
made me laugh
then, there was a child who asked.
at the same place in the story
every time,
which made it even better
(we had our own interactive script)
It has some real drama,
if you care to read it that way
(which i did)
Hoot Owl, master of disguise

(Susan Taylor & Jean Jullien)


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Friday, May 01, 2015

Dear Nancy,

1. My Puppy is Wonderful.

2. Wednesday Story Time is Populated by children under three.
  (the youngest crew, yet) 

3.  I need to visit this place . . . can you imagine piling all this stuff on your roof?  
It gets windy here . . . how does it all stay put?

4. Everywhere You look here It's Spring. 

5.  I hope everything in Blair is Fabulous.

love & love,