Friday, January 30, 2015

Some Things Seem to Take Time

It seems to be taking a l-o-n-g time for me to rally.
I suppose everyone has moments like this,
where they seem kinda knocked off balance and get to 
dust off their proverbial knees
before setting off again.

I've sensed some nifty things lately
for instance,
if i choose to "coast" for a while
I'm still moving forward
and, since i remember bicycle days
I realize there are wild and furiously fast times
when coasting.

I may coast for a bit.

Then, my friend Peggy
posted this:

which is something my grandfather taught me when i was very little.
Oh yes, Wisdom from my Grandfather
through a Adventuress friend

Makes me feel Whole

I shall pull out my little bag of treasures
stone, shell, feather, bell
and wear it once again
my answers
a gift
of ancient knowledge

How's with YOU?
love & love,

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life is sure packed with possibility

all i can say is "WOW."  Is this the actual beginning of that "Aquarian Age" we've been singing about???  Someone mentioned the date and time of the official beginning . . I'm simply going to explain away all the "bleh stuff" that's happened lately as part of the process and continue on . . actually, i don't have a clue about any of it . . so, there you go and there you have it.  (giggle, i must be feeling contrary.)

I'm reading "The Basque History of the World."  i know, how the heck do i become interested in so many diverse things, right??  But, i bet you've already figured out it's because a Great Pyrenees would have had ancestors from Mountains of the same name - and they might have been friends with these super interesting people.

So, there are all kinds of tidbits in this book.  One is a tale that fits them into the beginning of the bible story . . golly, it made me happy.  Perhaps it will come alive in my heart and I'll retell it, and put Mia's family in "The Garden" paying games with the Holy One in the cool of the day . . . (oh yes, I'm silly.)

Lately i have been viewing a Korean program called "Gentleman's Dignity" - of course, it's taking forever to get through even one show because life has really picked up lately . . it's a fun diversion.

Mia keeps trying to makes friends with Jelly Bean the Kitty Queen.
Even though Mia's size could be a visual concern, the cat KNOWS this is a puppy . . and takes opportunities to scare, boss and hiss at the baby girl who thinks living with a cat is cool.
love & love,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

There's Hope

It's a title from a song i used to perform . . 
sometimes. just a title can get me up and ready to face a new challenge,  

This new year seems to have brought some baggage along with it
at least, listening to world news
and my chums
facing the resistance here in my own little world

I keep reminding myself
that right around the corner is the Most Magnificent
Life Affirming Blessing
Better than Anything i could have ever imagined

Thing is
I actually have evidence that this is true
right in the middle of trouble
some of the coolest
are taking place

I once had a friend in the Coast Guard
I would stand on a high point and watch his ship
sail out to sea

there is a little prayer for that moment your eyes 
notice the actuality

"Lord, my ship is so small and your sea is so big. . . "

for all of us
May we sail above the storms

love & love,

Friday, January 02, 2015


I kept her name
She was born in Oklahoma
She arrived in a crate via HUGE Dark Blue pick-up
two days after she arrived she met her vet
she was 23 lbs.
Two weeks after that she started her puppy vaccinations
(27 lbs)
Earlier this week she got her first rabies vaccination
(36 lbs)
(yippeee!!!  she is legal and can begin puppy classes) 
She already has proper house manners,
comes, sits, walks nicely at my left side on a leash
greets people sweetly
(she Does enjoy playing and making tom girl sounds)
she has an old cat and an old mini-doxie guy to adore
we know to "be gentle" - (with verbal reminders)
She will ace her beginning classes
we are looking forward to meeting other puppies
we hope there will be enough tall pups for a playtime
here is a tickle fest
mom still holds her

We have too much to share in one post
so, I'll just stop here for now
here is our most recent - semi-sane picture:

(I call her Mia,
Princess Blondie, 
and Cloud-Dog
she knows anything i call her means 
"Good, Awesome. Marvelous" and most of all "You Are Loved.")

Happy New Year
Mia's Mom