Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Library

One of my Favorite Hang Outs
is the Library

have you checked one out lately??
if you can't visit personally,
you can still do a LOT

okay, okay - there are STILL way cool mobile units
when i first arrived here, I walked to meet up with the Traveling Library - 
I still LOVE that

BUT, also - from whatever link up device you use
you can borrow a book, get information, renew material,
learn a language
YES!!!  With your library card
you can learn a language!!
can you imagine?

Our downtown library has new ways to have meetings
a cafe
and auditorium
and events
and classes
including dance
I mean

A Library
It's WAY Cool

sigh, life is good.


Monkeywrangler said...

Libraries are fun, but I could never ever study in them, especially in college. I could just hear in my mind, all those other far more interesting books calling out to me to come find them in the stacks, and ignore my classwork. My problem was, I listened to them!

Dawna said...

I love libraries. I love the silence, the occasions rustle of books, or people stirring. I love the smell of libraries. Growing up they were my favourite place to hang out. I don't get to go as much.. but as I've been studying.. I'm in them alot more lately.. and I like that. :)

A month of....Blog said...

I love spending time at the library or the bookstore... and love your quote - shared it on Pinterest also :-)

E. Beth. said...

i love that quote. so try. i will write that down for sure.

you really leave the best comments ever. thanks, for always warming my heart & my blog with your sweet kindness. to perfect!!

you enjoy your days!! big big hugs. ( :

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh me too! I am there a couple of times a week.