Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Library

One of my Favorite Hang Outs
is the Library

have you checked one out lately??
if you can't visit personally,
you can still do a LOT

okay, okay - there are STILL way cool mobile units
when i first arrived here, I walked to meet up with the Traveling Library - 
I still LOVE that

BUT, also - from whatever link up device you use
you can borrow a book, get information, renew material,
learn a language
YES!!!  With your library card
you can learn a language!!
can you imagine?

Our downtown library has new ways to have meetings
a cafe
and auditorium
and events
and classes
including dance
I mean

A Library
It's WAY Cool

sigh, life is good.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Someone posted this online - i just like it . .

i have a friend who said he was attending a wedding this weekend
i keep thinking
This is the time of year
a lot of us
 consider vows

we could all be reminded
our relationships
something High, Pure and Holy

I would like to grow in to the kind of person
who remembers this

In the meantime
I really like this picture

love & love,

Friday, September 26, 2014

Looking Forward . . .

We are in the Days of Awe
There is so much all around
messages from people i barely know
marvels everywhere i look

Promises to believe in
a twist in the path that 
Affords a Better View

Constant Reminders 
All Is Well

a day to rest up
(nice, it was needed)

For All Of You
I wish Every Bit of Sweetness Life Can Bring

love & love,

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Art Outside

What a terrific life
yesterday was my first experience
doing a tiny tot storytime
hour long set
main stage
at an established art fair
it was the first time they decided to try inviting a story teller

We ALL called it a terrific success
and we have been invited back
next year

It isn't such a huge stretch from concert performing (musical) artist
to story teller

I admit to surprising a lot of people
but, you would not blink an eye
knowing I do it all differently
we all sing & dance together
the young people claim the event
everything changes in a heart beat
to include their ideas.

yesterday i learned a cave looks like a rainbow
is dark inside 
and friendly bats live there
also, some children sleep very quietly

I learned the third little pig bought the vacant lot 
across the street from his mother's house
and, after earning his doctorate
built a three story brick home
with a circular staircase
bedrooms on the second floor
ballroom and playroom on the third floor
kitchen in the basement
with everything you could want for your favorite sandwiches
the alarm system was so sophisticated
that no one
not even the baddest 
huffy puffy wolf
could break in

perhaps my favorite moment
is when we rode fast things
especially a time machine
that took us to the future
where there is Peace
We brought that Peace home
with us
to share on a sunny 
storytime day
in Maplewood, MO

an awesome art fair for everyone
Art Outside

love & gratitude