Friday, June 27, 2014

This has been a week - for sure -

I am grateful to have made it
I won't share the twists and turns
although we all know that alterations
clear the way for great opportunities

I will share with you a mid-week
bright spot
 Story Lady - that's me.
This is how the envelope was addressed.
This was the nanny's last day.
There were two children.
I knew them before the youngest (a boy) was born.
The two, a sister and brother attended a story time i had across town.
That story time was canceled,  
the children insisted the parents find me,
and they started showing up at another story time.
They grew up - with several different guardians
sometimes they made their parents or grandparents
bring them.
I LOVED when their dad came
he is a very special man.
he teaches kindergarten for the special school district.
He is pure magic.
Eventually they got the BEST Nanny Ever.
Then, the sister grew up and went to school.
The little brother turned in to his own, unique person.
 This week is officially out for the sister and dad for the summer.
The children are grown enough they no loner need their nanny
so, it was "our last day" together.
 Here is the graphic on the face of the card
Here is the note
from nanny & boy.

I am blessed

love & love,

the story lady

ps - there is already a new batch of story-attendees . . . 
life is good.


TexWisGirl said...

that is just precious. you are loved.

Monkeywrangler said... lovely! What a kind thing for them to do!

Dawna said...

This is really lovely..yes, you are blessed