Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Moon

My friend, Jeannie, sent out a message today about the full moon this evening.
She pointed out, since there is constant rain here, 
we will not actually see the moon with our eyes.
She gave us some good points for consideration.
(perhaps, for meditation, 
if we are the sort of persons willing to steep in stillness for a while)

Beautiful, Compassionate Good may mingle together
We may find the courage to leave what does not lift us
and move along without it

We could do this any time, of course
But, the unseen moon may assist us.
if we wish to use this as our
our New Beginning

May we all choose 
what brings us JOY

love & love,


Monkeywrangler said...

What a great thought! Our skies are clear, so perhaps I will see the moon in all her glory. I love that artwork you shared with this, Maggid.

TexWisGirl said...

what a lovely thought.

gypsys1st said...

The moon reigns over me, sharing it's gifts and healing warmth. And it asks only that I share that which I receive.

It's a small thing....

Love to all.