Friday, May 02, 2014

Rings On Her Fingers . . .

I know, i know,
I haven't talked about it much,
and I really might not tell you much now, either . . . 
BUT, the thing is I am not a very good typist in the first place
and my beautiful new splints will take some getting used to
This picture was a challenge to take
but, i wanted to share with you:
My fingers are resting on a teeny tea pot of sorts
while i try to get a photo for you.
Can you see the plastic on the little finger?
My fingers have had those kind of splints
for a while.
The plastic kind were lovingly made for me by a physical therapist
while we work together to "reverse" the crazy dance my fingers started to do.
Slowly i am replacing the plastic with new, permanent splints

It tickles me
a lady who has never been married
now has double rings on her fingers
The Universe and I 
have a thing goin' on


By the way, I get to purchase the silver splints
BUT, the work is a gift 
the Universe is Very Good to your maggid.

More later,
love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

oh, bless you! laughing at your giggle. :) i hope the splints will work magic for you!

Dawna said...

Yes, I see the irony there! :)
hope you reap the benefits of them..

Have a blessed weekend

Monkeywrangler said...

Hope the splints do the right thing for you! Have a good weekend, Maggid!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Ooh! Doesn't look too comfortable--but I do hope they work. You are so very positive about everything. And I DO love that giggle! Made me laugh!