Thursday, May 29, 2014

Do you remember the song??? "You can find me if you want me in the garden . . . "

Bit Stressy around here lately
Yesterday i saw the announcement
all summer long
members are invited to enjoy the Garden
on Tuesday Evenings
from 5 to 8 PM

or any time
The Garden is a mighty fine place to be

she breaths deeply
and remembers
"All Is Well."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rings on her fingers . . . . (part two)

Years ago i was regularly booked in a hotel that had metallic wall paper
that reminded me of upscale bathroom walls
and a blue spot light
here it is,
years later
I have a flu blue spot
and a carnevale
which has NOTHING to do with what i want to share
except, the photo reminds me of interesting times
and shows me
I am still working.

What i want to tell you amazes me.
It's about those rings
You can't see them very well,
but i am wearing the first ones
so this is, maybe, two weeks ago
I am super self conscious
Although, once i open my mouth to sing
I don't think about anything else.

people, if they say anything, 
remark how gorgeous the rings are
they want some

These rings were designed to be attractive
so people would wear them

Yesterday i was wearing a full set of rings
(I only have one, maybe two more to purchase, my therapist will let me know)
I was singing in a church
for and with people i have known for many years
when the service was over a gentleman walked up to me
and reached for my hands
His wife was standing next to him with a HUGE Grin
He asked, 
"Do these help your fingers?
As soon as i saw you I said to Mary,
her hands are straight!"

Mary, his beautiful wife nodded.
he gently stroked his thumb across the silver
and added,
"Your hands look great, it's like a miracle!"

I'm not used to them, yet
BUT, already
many people have been inspired.

the Universe is very good to me.

love & love,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Moon

My friend, Jeannie, sent out a message today about the full moon this evening.
She pointed out, since there is constant rain here, 
we will not actually see the moon with our eyes.
She gave us some good points for consideration.
(perhaps, for meditation, 
if we are the sort of persons willing to steep in stillness for a while)

Beautiful, Compassionate Good may mingle together
We may find the courage to leave what does not lift us
and move along without it

We could do this any time, of course
But, the unseen moon may assist us.
if we wish to use this as our
our New Beginning

May we all choose 
what brings us JOY

love & love,

Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Charter for Compassion (posted on another blog - just wanted to make it available to everyone)

love & love,

Ever Changing

 There are lots of things I like
about visiting 
One of them is
the same things look different with every visit.
It causes me to rethink Life
how it could seem the same
every time I 
Stop and Look


love & love,

Monday, May 05, 2014

Clear Sky

It's been hanging with similar bells 
on a garden arch for a few years
It reminds me of prayer
Sometimes there are also prayer flags
soon enough there will be morning glories
the sky will be covered
it will always remind me of the constant Presence
in every part of the Universe
Sound, Color, Movement, Ideas
All Lifted 

All One
kinda amazing.


Friday, May 02, 2014

Rings On Her Fingers . . .

I know, i know,
I haven't talked about it much,
and I really might not tell you much now, either . . . 
BUT, the thing is I am not a very good typist in the first place
and my beautiful new splints will take some getting used to
This picture was a challenge to take
but, i wanted to share with you:
My fingers are resting on a teeny tea pot of sorts
while i try to get a photo for you.
Can you see the plastic on the little finger?
My fingers have had those kind of splints
for a while.
The plastic kind were lovingly made for me by a physical therapist
while we work together to "reverse" the crazy dance my fingers started to do.
Slowly i am replacing the plastic with new, permanent splints

It tickles me
a lady who has never been married
now has double rings on her fingers
The Universe and I 
have a thing goin' on


By the way, I get to purchase the silver splints
BUT, the work is a gift 
the Universe is Very Good to your maggid.

More later,
love & love,