Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunny Day

I was in St. Charles today
and managed some photos.
this is an enormous statue of Lewis, Clark and Seaman, 
the Newfoundland that adventured with them as they explored.
There are a lot of cool stories about that dog.
They are on top of a mound
that has a circular path winding around towards the top.
here's the view facing south.
same statue from the back
looking north
(pretty, huh?)
looking east, towards the Missouri River
It's a little freaky because the water runs the
"wrong way" for a little bit
on its way to meet up with the Mississippi
But, that's another story.
Close up of Seaman
You would know I'd be most interested in the dog, right?
But, How was i going to demonstrate how BIG the dang thing is?
I'm standing right next to the statue 
holding my little point and shoot up
trying to get both of us in the photo

Life Is Good
love & love,


Dawna said...

Love the colour of that tree! (looking North pic..)
Nice pictures.. thanks for sharing!

Monkeywrangler said...

glad you had fun at the park! I've been to the Lewis & Clark museum just north of Bismarck ND, but never heard anything about the dog. Now I shall have to go research the stories for my kids perhaps!

TexWisGirl said...

i like your selfie! :) and i'd love a big newfy like that. :)

Carol Z said...

Really enjoyed your pictures. Hope I get to see these in person one day.

Lynn said...

my goodness he is big! Love seeing you, all that beautiful Spring colour and neat effects you've done with the photos.