Friday, April 25, 2014

Early Morning Adventure

here's a little more from that early morning adventure last Sunday.
 It's a "Historical Center" - the old buildings are saved
although updated more than the original settlers could have imagined
and it is turned into a commercial endeavor.
There are bed & breakfast offerings,
mostly shops,
some bars, plenty of restaurants
and a few places to actually live.
I like the teeny side gardens.
 I am standing behind a statue of Meriweather Lewis
(I think "Meriweather" is a nifty name, don't you?)
I like the hat.
 There are several plaques around this statue.
My favorite part was about the meeting held here between
Lewis & Clark and the residents, who were primarily
French and American Native.
It said Three Cheers were given as the party
took its leave.
I know it was intended as a nice thing
I can't help but hope people do not cheer heartily when i leave.
I was about to leave when i took this photo.
What i liked best was the blooming tree
peeking out
around the side . . . 


TexWisGirl said...

what a cute area! :)

Dawna said...

The colour contrasts are lovely!