Thursday, January 16, 2014

To Bishvat

I love this tree.
I've shared about her countless times
a habit I'm sure to continue
Right now she seems to be sleeping
(we had a bit of snowfall last night)

She is the one I told you about,
a twisted stick in a dried out bucket
left after a sale at a hardware store
I brought her home, and started singing (really LOUD)
to her

She is much bigger now
and, in the spring
she is going to enchant me (again.)

SO, it's Tu Bishvat
The day we celebrate the Birthday
(or New Year)
of the Trees.

She may be sleeping
but, deep down
she is doing "The Work"

Is that a little like Life?
We may not feel like much at times
BUT, on our behalf
somewhere Deep
work is going on
To Fulfill our dreams
and enchant us.

love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

love it! just read about this day on another blog and loved it.

Mascha said...

Oh that's nice! And thanks to enrich myself. I knew this holiday not (have just looked up), but next year we will be celebrating in determining my love and me. We love trees ... and in my garden, there are three small magnolias, which I saved as a dried up veins from a supermarket ... They grew well and bloomed several times already - I know such deeds as well.
I am now going into the dark garden out to them with a light. And most likely the cat will be with us -

Cath H.C Photographie said...

Very nice post ! un arbre très joli accompagné d'un magnifique texte!
Have a nice day- Cath

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love hearing about your rescue tree!