Monday, January 13, 2014

I keep thinkin' of that theme song: "we're movin' on up . . . " Do you remember it????

I was up rather early Sunday.  My creatures, (Ms. Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants & Jelly Bean the Kitty Queen,)  were still snoozing away.  I got up, turned on my desk light and created a small page of affirmation . . .

See, I took a mis-step a while back and found myself
"painted in a corner."  I am/was so accustomed to being wildly successful, i refused to see the situation as it was - so, i did EVERYTHING I could think of to "fix"  what turned out to be
 "unfix-able" the way it was.  sigh.

After doing everything possible to remedy the situation, i finally had to admit it was not ever going to be better . . . in fact, if i let it play out the way it was - i would not survive.  SO, I told myself the truth, and continue (to this day) to say the same to the culprit with a "flat line mentality."

I have learned I am good at a LOT of things.  (Nice to know.) But, if i do not look honestly at my surroundings, i attract the same kind of issues - Therefore, it is part of my  life lesson to claim myself and my dreams and see how far i get.  (I used to talk out loud to myself, being my own best friend, that "we" would just see how far we could get . . . )

That's where all this newbie art stuff comes from . . Me, rebuilding.  I only share this, in case any of you felt alone in your own growth.  SEE?? It happens . . we can do this.

Okay, the affirmation came from reading some Rumi - I don't remember his words - my are hard to read.  It says, "The night has passed.  I have plenty of work to do,"  and "I am silently drawn by the pull of what i truly love."

Just lately I have felt lighter, free-er - I'm certain things are on the upswing.
 I know presenting for World Peace Day was a marker for my spirit.

Winter Break is over and it's good to be back in the classroom.

By the way - that last watercolor was so mean to me  . . . I'm making the paints participate in mixed media until I'm ready to give "fine arts" another go . . giggle.

never give up,
love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

i loved this: I am/was so accustomed to being wildly successful.

i was told, just last fall, that i've never 'lost' before, so what i was facing was all new to me. i understand the newness of that feeling.

Dawna said...

This was very inspiring and encouraging for me.. many thanks:)
I think i need to speak more affirmations

Did you paint that watercolour?.. I really like it
you are very talented!

Lynn said...

Interesting post. For the past 2years (my where does the time go) I have had so many sleepless nights a good stretch was to an ill and ailing left shoulder, it healed but my spirit did not however once I began to let go of some old patterns of thought, and tip toed toward a new lighter yet deeper perspective of who I am and what role I play in my life, my inner worlds have begun to align and I feel safer once again, stronger and simply freer...sometimes I worry I won't have enough time to understand it all? I love visiting here, it is as if you're a guide, a prompter of wonderful thoughts and images.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Shame on that watercolor! But you handled it well.