Sunday, December 08, 2013

"Don't Rain On My Parade . . . "

(It's a song title - 
no worries)

I slowed my "Traveling w/Leonardo"
because someone brought a video - with an electronic sounding voice over
all about Leonardo being a phony.

What's UP with that?
So, I thought about this
I didn't research it, because ultimately it does not matter
What I'm striving to do is reignite my own creative expression
(I think this might be the cover of a book for Canadian Homeschooling)
I think it's a little like Nicholas this time of year.
So much of the world celebrates the mythical idea
Both of the men lived
ideas have come to surround the idea of them
to inspire others.
(Nicholas means Victory of the people
Leonardo means lion - in case you wondered)
(this photo comes from a blog post celebrating Leonardo's garden)
I am going to travel along w/Leonardo for a while longer,
Then, move to another project i intended to start a long time ago
At the moment, it's easy to see I'm looking at a quality considered 
(a desire to know - or learn)
I think i have an abundance of this quality.

Here is a photo of Leonardo's childhood home
(Looks like a tourist destination now)

Lots of people have taken photos of places they've visited
connected to Leonardo
I am grateful, it's nifty to be able to connect with bits of the story
and with the people inspired by it/him

 I'm am looking to reignite the creative Lion inside of me
and YOU are invited to play, too
if a similar journey interest you.

love & love,


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love the garden!

We are tucked in with the woodstove and don't need to go anywhere today in the ice storm :-)

Lynn said...

I'd not seen his garden before, one of my projects for next year is to visit places connected to him in and around Paris. He was genius and there is always jealousy, scandal etc that follows them- I like your position on L ;-)