Friday, November 15, 2013

Traveling w/Leonardo

I'm still reading about his life.
I hope to find some inspiration.

I read that there hasn't been anyone since
that tried to accomplish so much.
It's said he was the demonstration of 
trying to reach way beyond our grasp.

I think this sounds like the saying:
"Keep Both Feet On The Ground and Reach for The Stars."

what do you think?
He kept a book of questions.
Have you ever tried to write out a sheet of questions?
I mean things you might like to know?

I've begun.
It's fun, because i am always encouraging students to ask
to question - even if the answers don't seem to come right away.

So, I'm practicing Questions
Looking for inspiration along the way
while Traveling  w/Leonardo.


Lynn said...

interesting post,funny as tonight we are watching a new French documentary on Leondaro da Vinci and they are exploring all of his note books, some never shown outsiders before-with interpretations by an Italian da Vinci scholar...I love questions, grew up being called how,who and why.I'd love to have you as a teacher.

Monkeywrangler said...

That's cool! I love the ballista picture.