Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Opportunities . . . . I'm In

I was taught that we are most valuable when helping others.
I was also told, helping others is the best way to help ourselves.

Have you found this true?

Always, in the past, I found assisting others to achieve their dreams
ended up a miracle for everyone.

Although, I have encountered an incident, doing my ultimate best, the person saying they wanted help behaved like a 'drowning man" - and went entirely out of the way to destroy everything.
I don't have a rule for that.
Do you?

I remember God gives us Blessings,
So, this destructo-action
Must have Mega Good in it.
(although lately i feel like the joke about the kid in a barn full of manure . . 
so, shall we hold the "dark before dawn" thought and continue on?)

Okay, Okay - here's what i want to tell you.

I've been gifted with two opportunities to invest in someone else.

The first is a local artist
who has really lifted himself up
and given a hand to others in our community
here is his link:

The second opportunity arrived this morning.
There's a group of people making a film that entertains,
teaches and inspires.

In the past, I've just helped by doing.
This time resources were requested.
There's a funny thing about that.
In the past, my time was super  valuable,
it cost me a lot to stop and help someone else.

Now, when our economy is challenging
our resources are what's requested.

I'm thinking something stellar is about to happen for us all.

What do YOU think???

love & love,


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I don't often help with resources but I'm always happy to give my time and heart.

Lynn said...

helping-yes, rules-I don't think there really are any other than to be able to recognize the signs when things aren't working, I shall have to go back into Craig's site, I like his bright fauve-ish colours...something stellar-I hope so ;-).

Anonymous said...

I've always been limited on resources, but love promoting and sharing and giving my heart. These sound like very worthy projects. I love Craig's art!